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Label Printer | SRP-S300 Series | POS Printer | Linerless Label | SRP-S300 Series | Bixolon

SRP-S300 Series

Providing environmentally friendly printing, the SRP-S300 Series high performance, 3-inch thermal linerless printer provides excellent printing quality of up to 203 dpi. The printing solution supports various widths of media, roll diameter of up to 120 mm and a number of economic features including back-feed function.
Supporting an ergonomic design and built-in power supply to save on counter space and protect against water damage. The Linerless printer is bundled with B-Melodist an audio and visual indicator. Supplied with optional I/F card, a wide range of connectivity choices are provided including USB 2.0, Serial, Ethernet, Parallel, WLAN and Bluetooth. The SRP-S300 Series is compatible with market-leading programming languages.


  • Multiple Media Choices

    • Supports both Linerless Label and Receipt printing
    • Various media widths supported
    • SRP-S300: 40 / 58 / 62 / 80 / 83 mm
    • SRP-S320: 40 / 58 / 62 / 80 mm
    • Handling large media roll diametre of up to 103 mm (SRP-S300) and 120 mm (SRP-S320)

  • Exceptional Technology

    • A water-resistant cover protects the main-board from water and moisture (IP21 certified)
    • Optional Taken Sensor™ : Label will not continue to print until current label is removed to prevent jamming
    • Built-in B-melodist: Alarm for order notification
    • Voice error message
    • SRP-S300Hi/S320Hi : Connects various USB peripherals, web & cloud based printing

  • Anti-jamming Technology

    • Special paper path design and an automatic guillotine cutting system
    • Equipped with specialized back-feed function (up to 20 % of media saved)
    • Paper saving mode reduces the length of a label up to 25 %
    • Optional Taken Sensor™ : Label will not continue to print until current label is removed to prevent jamming


3-inch Linerless Label Printer

The SRP-S300 is BIXOLON’s high performance, economical 3-inch (80mm) thermal linerless and receipt printer. Providing high performance printing up to 203dpi to product high quality printed media for a range of industries including Retail, Hospitality, Food Delivery, Logistics and more.

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3-inch Linerless Printer

Equipped with silicone-coated Platen Roller featuring embossed surface, the 3-inch Linerless printer SRP-S320 is specifically designed for Linerless media with extreme level of adhesion.Offering large media roll capacity of up to 120 mm the SRP-S320 produces 203 dpi linerless labels at 150 mm/sec. Providing 4 media width options including 40 / 58 / 62 / 80 mm.

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3-inch Linerless Label mPOS Hub Printer

The SRP-S300Hi/S320Hi is mPOS hub interface allowing the Linerless printer to print directly from your chosen tablet or smartphone device. Producing high quality label and receipt media for a range of industries including Retail, Hospitality, Logistics and more.

#Direct Thermal #Receipt #POS #Linerless #Ethernet #WIFI #WLAN #Android #iOS #Windows



  • Melodist

    Audio and visual indicator ideal for kitchen or real time ordering

  • Powered USB cable

    Powerd A-B USB Y cable (1.2/4.8m)
    Powerd USB (0.5/1.2m)

  • USB Cable

    USB A-B/A-A 1.8m Cable

  • Serial Cable

    Seria Cable (9-9/25-9pin)

  • Parallel Cable

    D-SUB 25P(M) - 36(M), 1.8m Parallel Cable

  • Partition

    Supporting various media widths