Shipping Label Printer

Available exclusively on Amazon USA


Always Ready to Print & Ship

Install driver. Insert label paper into your printer. Labels can be directly backloaded into the printer.

Up to 325,000 ft of label printing without any ink, no need for additional consumables.

Fully Compatible with Major Platforms

2-year Limited Support

Simple repair with How-to-Video
or contact us in the United States

Optional Label Holder for Fan-fold or Roll Type Label Use

  • 1. Design Your Own Label from Scratch

    Step-by-step instruction from setting up print page of your preferred size to inserting image and text to your own label.

  • 2. Personalize Your Own Label

    Find out ways to modify your label by altering Font & Style of your choice.

  • 3. Make your Own Barcode

    With Label Artist II software, you can create barcode from various choices: Codabar, DataMatrix, QR Code, and more. Make your own barcode from this diverse selection.

  • 4. Link Your Database

    You can also create barcode from your database. Connect your database to Label Artist II, and alter your data into barcode.


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① Connect the Printer to your PC using a USB cable
② Download and run Windows Driver Installation Assistant
③ Click Install Driver
④ When finished, click Yes

④ Finish the driver instatllation

ⓐ Open Your Printers

In the “System Preferences”, open the “Printers & Scanners”.
To add a new printer, please click on the “+” button.

ⓑ Select Software

Select your printer and click on the “Select Software” under the “Use”.
Search for your software, and click on the OK & Add button.

ⓒ Set Printer Options (Choice 1)

When printing a file, please setup the options properly for your Label.
Paper size 4.0” x 6.0” is most recommended.

ⓓ Print Test Page (Choice 2)

To ensure that your printer is connected, try printing test page. Double-Click on the printer icon to open queue, and choose the “Print Test Page” under the “Printer” menu.