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Optimize Inventory

Solution Guide

The increasingly intelligent world of manufacturing will become even more connected. Operational and information technologies will converge. Predictive maintenance solutions will increase. Resource planning will be streamlined further and assistive AR and VR technologies will see greater alliance between operator and machine. At the heart of this is the Internet of Things and the Cloud. Smarter devices, sensors and real-time analytics to reduce downtime, aid and simplify inspections, plus streamline resource and manufacturing processes leading to leaner, agile manufacturing supply-chain that are both secure and accurate. The data-centric operations in Manufacturing are evolving to a service-based model that is allowing Manufacturing to be smarter and more efficient. Smart devices are providing real-time metrics and data that can be aggregated to provide analysis and insights into day-to-day operations. Downtimes can be predicted and lessened, schedules improved, output increased and costs cut. Barcoding and RFID encoding instances are being used to augment Blockchain records to ensure processes are correct from beginning to end with this associated imaging equipment providing intelligence to the overall manufacturing optimisation.


Vehicle, forklift or cart-based, BIXOLON offers fixed or mobile printers to deliver all your labelling needs with mobile printer with proven cold weather operation for your ambient and cold storage, or standalone solutions to have labelling at the point of application and dispatch. Should your network be congested, then BIXOLON offer secure dual-band WLAN, so you can safety handle data and place printing where needed with mobile and fixed printers up to 600dpi resolution.

  • Receiving / Shipping
  • Inventory & Material Management
  • Cold Chain Management
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Field Operations

Automating your field force means greater mobility with devices that can withstand the day-to-day rigours and still provide the expected quality labelling to manage and maintain your assets. BIXOLON's known and respected Mobile portfolio offer IP-rated, ruggedised printers to handle your printing requirements and thanks to their wired or wireless connectivity options the data can be sent from various OS devices, plus media capacity and battery life ensures a long working day.

  • Proof of Pickup & Delivery
  • Shipping
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Plant Operations

BIXOLON's breadth of mobile and fixed printers offer robust, durable direct thermal and thermal transfer labels, including UHF RFID encoding. Capable of integrating into an existing network and handling leading command languages, the printers benefit from BIXOLON's own XPM device management software ensuring optimum performance and accurate labelling each and every time.

  • Asset & Facility Management
  • Inventory & Material Management
  • Quality Assurance
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RFID Labelling for the Warehouse Industry

Warehouses are increasingly using radio frequency identification (RFID) to complement or replace traditional barcode-drive processes. RFID tags and labels are applied to items and programmed with identification information. Compared to a barcode, the labels can be scanned and located remotely without having to immediately see the item or its label. RFID technology provides warehouses with an innova...


Mobile RFID Labelling for Warehouse Management

Warehouses of all sizes continue to adopt radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to dramatically streamline their data capture. RFID labelling offers several advantages for warehouse management over standard barcodes including inventory control and a reduction in errors. Desktop RFID printers may limit the benefits of RFID labelling. Due to the printer being fixed or stationary, it requ...


XL5-40 Exclusive Linerless Label Printer, A Game Changer for Cost and Environmental Solutions

improvements, environmental regulation and TCO reduction are key points of all
businesses. Manufacturing and T&L are more focused on improving operations
like inventory management, shipping labelling, order releasing and packing.
Linerless labelling
solutions are a simple way to enhance the work process and reduce costs. Linerless
media is a...


Development in Label Printing

Since the introduction just-in-time delivery, asset management and enterprise productivity label printing technology has played a key role in product identification to allow easy asset documentation and tracking.

As there is increased pressure to improve the collection or data, many companies are moving away from traditional pen-and-paper processes and investing in technology to in...