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Increase Brand Loyalty
and Satisfaction

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As the Retail market evolves, customer satisfaction becomes central part of the decision making process. Driven with the desire to build customer brand loyalty to ultimately drive sales, Retailers are experimenting with different types of marketing activities from product promotions to couponing and analysing consumer habits to then send personalised product recommendations based on their personal requirements.Driven by technology, Retailers are now looking to engage customers on a global scale through multi-channel retailing - in-store promotions, pop-up stores and self-service terminals and e-commerce.
BIXOLON, a leading company within the retail printing market, provides a range of innovative of receipt, ticket and label printing solutions that incorporate the most up to date technologies to meet the demands of the ever changing industry.

Store Management

In-store management solutions combine the technologies required for a personalised and unique customer experience, covering people management to product inventory, cash operations, data management, offers and pricing. BIXOLON’s superior range provides printing solutions for a range of in-store activities such as point of sale, mPOS, self service & kiosk, price tag labelling, weigh labelling, online order response and more.

  • Point of Sales
  • mPOS
  • Self Service & Kiosk
  • Online Order
  • Click and Collect
  • Price Labelling
  • Weigh Labelling
  • Inventory Management
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Direct Selling (Direct to door)

Direct Selling is a growing method of marketing and retailing goods or services to the consumer away from a permanent premises. Offering flexibility to suit both the seller and consumer, direct selling expands the parameters of traditional selling, where payment solutions are becoming essential for sales representatives in the field. BIXOLON’s range of intuitive payment printing solutions allow users to perform various activities ranging from invoicing, payment and customer membership services instantly while in the field.

  • mPOS
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Direct Store Delivery

Direct Store Delivery allows suppliers to reduce operating costs by sidestepping the distribution centre. Instead goods travel directly from the supplier to the retail store, shaving time and money off the Retailer’s bottom line. By bypassing the distribution centre and communicating directly with the Supplier Retailers have greater control over their inventory, which in turn can drive sales growth. BIXOLON offers a complete range of direct store delivery printing solutions allowing the proof of delivery to shipping labelling.

  • Proof of Delivery
  • Shipping Labelling
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E-commerce Fulfillment

Today, many customers who purchase goods online are growing substantially. The ability to offer an effective e-commerce service for orders can put a seller ahead of its competitors. BIXOLON’s exclusive linerless printer with B-linerless™ increase work efficiency and reduces the downtime required to load new paper rolls. It's best-in-class solutions for the e-commerce fulfillment industry.

  • Shipping Labelling
  • Grocery Delivery
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Erwin Müller improves e-commerce shipping with linerless labelling printers from BIXOLON

BIXOLON Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of BIXOLON, the global
manufacturer of advanced receipt, label and mobile printers, has partnered with
the mail order and e-commerce retailer, Erwin
Müller Versandhaus, to
provide linerless labelling printers that improve operational efficiency and
sustainability efforts during order fulfilment. The mail order, e-commerce home Explore

The Role of RFID Labelling in the Retail Shopping Experience

In the ever-changing world of retail, staying ahead of the curve to meet consumer demands is essential to remaining competitive. With many new technologies on the market today, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) labelling has emerged as a game-changer transforming the way retailers manage their inventory, streamline business operations, and even enhancing their customer experiences. In this b...


The Build-up of Retail Resilience through Digitalisation

In recent times digitalisation has touched
every aspect of retail as traditional offline Retailers have found they have
had to quickly adapt and digitalise their sales and operations to come more
competitive. Brick-and mortar stores have had to integrate omni-channel
technology to streamline their stores and improve the customer experience.

Harvesting da...


Supermarket Inventory Management Labelling

Globally more than 900 million tonnes of
food is thrown away each year according to the UN.* Food retailers such as
supermarkets and grocers have increasing consumer responsibility paired with
the increasing importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
initiatives to efficiently manage and reduce unnecessary food waste.
For any supermarket, managing...


Click and Collect – closing the gap between instore and online fulfilment

In the past 10 years, the gap between instore and online purchasing is beginning to close. Accelerated by the 2020 global pandemic, the rise in popularity of click and collect has enabled retailers to combine their current instore and online offerings. Providing convenience to both the customer and the retailer, click and collect has enabled businesses to turn their stores into fulfilment centre h...