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BIXOLON Unveils the New BK3-21 2-inch Kiosk Printer

Compact, Convenient and Dependable Kiosk Printer for a Wide Range of Kiosk Systems BIXOLON Co., Ltd, a leading global Mobile, Label and POS Printer manufacturer today announced the launch of a new addition to the BIXOLON BK3 Series, BK3-21. The compact and light-weight 2-inch (60 mm) open frame kiosk printer is developed upon proven expertise and knowledge the company has gathered over decades in ...

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Food Safety Labelling Solution with the XQ-840 Tablet Embedded Desktop Printer

There is a growing customer demand for a more efficient way to manage food safety labelling. Business owners are minimizing the amount of product that goes out of date and maximizing the use of their product. Product labelling should offer clear advice, but food safety labelling can add additional guidance that increases safety, improves procedures and a reduced impact on unnecessary waste therefo...

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Order Labelling Solution with SRP-S300 Linerless Label Printer

There is a growing customer demand for more sustainable practices within various market sectors, business owners are minimizing the impact on the environment with greener solution with liner-free printing. There is an increase in the personalisation of goods and services, so sales and process order labelling are being used to fulfil some or all of these custom and eco printing requirements. Produc...

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BIXOLON Introduces Its New Driver Enabling Direct Label Printing from SAP®

Joining SAP® Printer Vendor program as a silver-level member Having equipped with an extensive range of Auto-ID printing line-up, BIXOLON Co., Ltd, introduced today, its new driver supporting direct printing from SAP applications to meet broader requirements in label printing industries with supplemental software offerings. As general barcode label printers do not recognize the proprietary SAP d...

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Introducing the BIXOLON XD3-40t Thermal Transfer Desktop Label Printers

The Entry-Level Desktop Printer Offering Industry-Standard Performance for Logistics, Manufacturing and Warehousing Industries BIXOLON Co., Ltd, a leading global Mobile, Label and POS Printer manufacturer today announced the launch of the NEW XD3-40t thermal transfer desktop label printer which is an addition to its entry-level XD3 series. The XD3-40t is a new thermal transfer desktop label printer...

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