Customer Support

① Connect the Printer to your PC using a USB cable
② Download and run Windows Driver Installation Assistant
③ Click Install Driver
④ When finished, click Yes

④ Finish the driver instatllation

ⓐ Open Your Printers

In the “System Preferences”, open the “Printers & Scanners”.
To add a new printer, please click on the “+” button.

ⓑ Select Software

Select your printer and click on the “Select Software” under the “Use”.
Search for your software, and click on the OK & Add button.

ⓒ Set Printer Options (Choice 1)

When printing a file, please setup the options properly for your Label.
Paper size 4.0” x 6.0” is most recommended.

ⓓ Print Test Page (Choice 2)

To ensure that your printer is connected, try printing test page. Double-Click on the printer icon to open queue, and choose the “Print Test Page” under the “Printer” menu.