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POS Printers

Pairing user-friendly designs with cost-saving, eco-conscious features, BIXOLON's portfolio of highly reliable 2-inch and 3-inch Receipt and Ticket solutions support Direct Thermal and Dot-Matrix printing technologies. Offering connectivity on many levels, they provide superfast print speeds and excellent print quality to meet a variety of requirements in retail and hospitality.

Thermal POS

Impact POS




Stand and installation accessories

  • Tablet Stand

    Tablet Stand

    Robust table stand for SRP-Q300H and BCD-3000

  • AC/DC Adaptor Cover Case

    AC/DC Adaptor Cover Case

    Printer base to integrate AC/DC Adaptor and cable

  • Vertical stand

    Vertical stand

    Vertical mounting stand for space utilization

  • Wall mount

    Wall mount

    Easy install a printer on the wall in lack of space for kitchen or table

  • Splash cover

    Splash cover

    Special water and dust preventing cover

  • Parallel Cable

    Parallel Cable

    D-SUB 25P(M) - 36(M), 1.8m Parallel Cable

  • Partition


    Supporting various media widths

External and Cable Accessories

  • Melodist


    Audio and visual indicator ideal for kitchen or real time ordering

  • Buzzer


    External buzzer for alarming printer error

  • Ribbon Cartridge

    Ribbon Cartridge

    Ribbon cartridge for SRP-275III

  • Cable adapter for cash drawer

    Cable adapter for cash drawer

    RJ12 6pin cable Adapter (Male to Female)

  • Powered USB cable

    Powered USB cable

    Powerd A-B USB Y cable (1.2/4.8m)
    Powerd USB (0.5/1.2m)

  • USB Cable

    USB Cable

    USB A-B/A-A 1.8m Cable

  • Serial Cable

    Serial Cable

    Seria Cable (9-9/25-9pin)

Cable Accessories

  • Serial Cable

    Serial Cable

    D-SUB 9P(M) - D-SUB 9P(M) Serial Cable, 1.5m

Closing Sales: 5 Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a POS Printer

In today’s dynamic business environment, a modern Point of Sale (POS) system is essential for all kinds of businesses, whether they operate offline or in a mobile capacity, and plays a crucial role in streamlining sales processing and efficient management across a wide range of industries. POS systems find extensive usage not only in the hospitality and retail sectors, but also in various other ...


Fiscal Printing – Adapting to Regional Printing Requirements with BIXOLON

It is estimated between 750 and 900 billion euros is lost through tax evasion every year throughout EU countries. Globally governments are constantly tackling issues to do with tax evasion. Many countries have now brought in fiscal laws to prevent retailer fraud. It ensures that mandatory VAT transactions are reported through receipts and paid correctly paid to the authorities. Although fiscal la...


BIXOLON launches the SRP-350V and SRP-350plusV Receipt Printers

Pairing Design and Functionality with its Next
Generation POS Printers
BIXOLON Co.,Ltd, a leading global manufacturer of
advanced Mobile, Label and POS printers, today announces the launch of its next
generation SRP-350V and SRP-350plusV 3-inch (80 mm) Direct Thermal POS printers.
Supporting stand-alone or vertical printing, these POS printers are designed to<...


Introducing the Next Generation SRP-330III Receipt Printer to BIXOLON’s Growing POS Line-up

An Affordable, Highly Functional Receipt and Ticket
BIXOLON Co.,Ltd, a leading global manufacturer of
advanced Mobile, Label and POS printers, today announced the launch of the next
generation SRP-330III Receipt Printer. An economic, durable, 3-inch (80 mm) Direct Thermal Receipt and Ticket printer which produces print
speeds of up to 250 mm/sec a...


Blue4est® Paper - Smart and Sustainable Receipting

As the world becomes more environmentally aware, corporations are under increasing pressure to pledge their environmental sustainability to maintain and bring in new footfall. With growing corporate transparency, customers are looking at all aspects of a brand’s business from logistics to technology, product offerings and more. Receipting is not exempt from this scrutiny. As an acknowledgement o...